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A deposit is required within three days (all referenced days are calendar days) of booking to secure a reservation. All balances are due 30 days prior to departure. Special payment policies may apply and will be advised at timeof reservation. If payment is not received by the due date, airline and all other reservations will be cancelled. HanaTour USA Inc., is not responsible for any penalties, fare increases or fees incurred due to late payment. Submission of payment to HanaTour USA Inc., signifies the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Sale.


Payment may be made by check, debit and credit cards from American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card. HanaTour USA Inc. only accepts checks made payable to "HanaTour USA Inc." All returned checks are subject to a $30 service charge.


Last minute deals require full payment immediately on booking. A completed booking form must be provided at the same time as payment. Discount may applies to selected departures only. HanaTour USA Inc., reserves the right to discontinue the promotion at anytime without notice.


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all airline passengers traveling on and after November 1, 2010 to provide the following Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) regardless of when the reservation was booked:

  • Full Name as it Appears on Government-Issued I.D.
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Redress Number (If Available)

Names provided to HanaTour USA Inc., for customers must be an exact match to the photo ID that will be used during travel. The customer is responsible for all fees and expenses that may be incurred due to an incorrect name, or to the denial of travel due to an incorrect name. A name revision fee of $50 per person will be assessed by HanaTour USA Inc., for name corrections or revisions, in addition to other fees assessed by airlines or other suppliers. Updated information regarding security measures and requirements for air travel are available at www.tsa.gov. It is highly recommended for the customer to check this website for possible changes due to security measures and air travel for their scheduled destination(s). It is the customer's responsibility to verify current entry requirements and obtain the necessary travel documentation based on the country of origin, destination and any countries in which a stop is scheduled. An entry visa and passport may be required. It is the customer's responsibility to verify that a passport is valid at the time of departure, remains valid for a minimum of six months beyond the return travel date, and contains sufficient BLANK pages to attach any required visas for their travel. Some countries may require that children under 18 years of age must travel with the consent of both parents. Please verify the most current documentation and entry requirements with the country's consulate, an immigration office or at travel.state.gov. No refund will be issued for losses incurred as a result of failure to obtain or provide required valid documentation.

Notice on Aircraft Cabin Insecticide Treatment

Some countries may require aircraft cabin insecticide treatment for in-bound foreign flights. A list of such countries is available at :


We can provide you service in obtaining a visa. Documents will be issued on fully paid reservations, but depending on the country the visa fee (If applicable. as some countries are visa fee) and days may vary HanaTour USA Inc charges an additional visa service fee of $50.


HanaTour USA Inc., will assess a fee for each customer-initiated change to the reservation after receipt of payment, and additional airline, hotel and/or supplier fees may also be charged. Any change made will result in the reservation being re-priced at the rate in effect at the time of the change. A "name change" constitutes a cancellation and cancellation fees will apply.


10% Deposit of the total price should be made within 3 business days from the date of booking confirmation.
- If the cost per person is $300 or lower, full payment must be made within 3 business days from the date of booking confirmation.
- If the departure date is within 30 days of reservation, a full payment must be made at the time of booking confirmation.

Full Payment due 30 working days prior to departure. Failure to make final payment on time may result in automatic cancellation of reservation and loss of deposit.

Cancellation request must be submitted to Hanatour USA, Inc. or its agents by E-mail or fax. Should you want to cancel the trip for whatever reasons, we are happy to be at your service. Please study following cancellation policy carefully before your decision being made.

HanaTour USA Inc., will assess a fee for cancellations. Additional airline, hotel and/or supplier fees may also be charged. Once travel has begun, there will be no refunds for any unused or partially used travel component for any reason. While every effort will be made to provide all items on the travel itinerary as booked, Hanatour USA Inc., reserves the right to cancel or alter any reservation for any reason prior to departure. Should this occur, refunds will be made without any further obligation by Hanatour USA Inc. With respect to the travel arrangements made in connection with this transaction, Hanatour USA Inc., represents and acts as agent for disclosed principals and independent contractors, including carriers, transportation companies, tour operators, wholesalers, service companies, hotels, etc. Hanatour USA Inc., is not responsible or liable for any acts, omissions, financial stability, delays or changes by any of these entities. Neither Hanatour USA Inc., nor any of its representatives shall be or become liable or responsible for any loss, injury, damage to person, property, or otherwise in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other services resulting directly or indirectly from any extraordinary circumstances, including but not limited to acts of God, dangers incident to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery, acts of governments, de jure or de facto, war, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, epidemics, medical quarantines, customs regulations, defaults, delays or cancellations of or changes in itinerary, routing or schedules from any cause beyond the control of the Hanatour USA Inc., or from any loss or damage resulting from insufficient or improperly issued passports, visas or other documents. The above information is intended to assist you with your travel plans but does not necessarily represent complete and up-to-date travel information for your specific plans.

30 working days prior to departure : Deposit is Non-refundable.

  • 29 to 20 working days prior to departure : 80% of total cost Refund
  • 19 to 10 working days prior to departure : 50% of total cost Refund
  • 9 to 3 working days prior to departure : 20% of total cost Refund
  • Within 48 hours or no show : No Refund
  • Any single parts of the tour itinerary which are voluntarily skipped when tour is in progress,
    (for instance, admission tickets, meals or show) are not refundable.
    Any extra costs by changing your programs are at your own expense.


  • Air ticket/hotel/transportation-pass reservation may be non-refundable or require cancellation fee in accordance their own cancellation policy.
  • The cancellation fees listed here will apply to all reservations, unless the tour booked has exceptions noted in the special notification (i.e. group/private customized tours).
  • All cancellations must be received in writing.
  • We recommend the purchase of Travel Insurance to cover your penalty according to the insurance policy. Insurance premium is non-refundable.


Failure to travel without prior notification is considered a no-show and the entire cost of reservation is non-refundable, subject to policies and procedures of the providers of travel and accommodations.


HanaTour USA Inc., reserves the right to cancel a departure and will advise you of such cancellations no later than 31 days before the tour departure date.
If due to 'Force Majeure' or government travel advice, Hanatour USA Inc., reserves the right to cancel a departure at any time. With any form of cancellation, Hanatour USA Inc., will offer you alternative arrangements, and if the price of your alternative booking is of lower value than the original booking, we will refund the difference to you. If the price is higher, additional fees will be added. If you do not accept alternative arrangements, we will refund all payments you have made to HanaTour USA Inc., (in case of 'Force Majeure' or government travel advice refunds will be less any unrecoverable costs). Hanatour USA Inc., will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by you. Hanatour USA Inc will not be liable for any delay in, change to or cancellation of trips due to 'Force Majeure'. Also, Hanatour USA Inc will not be liable for any delays made by airlines due to weather conditions and technical problems. 'Force Majeure' means a circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Hanatour USA Inc., and includes, but is not limited to, war or threat of war, riot, civil strike, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, disease, industrial or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, and strikes.


If you wish to cancel all or any part of your booking, notification of cancellation must be made to HanaTour USA Inc., in writing. The date of the cancellation is the date on which HanaTour USA Inc., receives written notification. Days before departure charge applicable as follows, per person


No refunds will be granted on unused services once travel has commenced. HanaTour USA Inc., will assess a $100 per person fee for changes made after commencement of travel. Changes in return transportation to the extent permitted by carrier(s)' tariff may be made only through HanaTour USA's representatives. Changes in travel arrangements that result in additional monies owed due to price differences, fuel surcharges, ticket re-issuance fees, etc. are due and payable directly to HanaTour USA Inc., representatives at time of change.


For customers who purchase from within the State of California: This transaction is covered by the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund (TCRF) if the seller of travel was registered and participating in the TCRF at the time of sale and the customer is located in California at the time of payment. Eligible customers may file a claim with TCRF if the customer is owed a refund of more than $50 for transportation or travel services that the seller of travel failed to forward to a proper provider or such money was not refunded to you when required. The maximum amount that may be paid by the TCRF to any one customer is the total amount paid on behalf of the customer to the seller of travel, not to exceed $15,000. A claim must be submitted to the TCRF within 12 months after the scheduled completion date of the travel. A claim must include sufficient documentation to prove the claim and a $35 processing fee. Claimants must agree to waive their right to other civil remedies against a registered participating seller of travel for matters arising out of a sale for which they file a TCRF claim. The traveler may request a claim form by writing to: Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation, P.O. Box 6001, Larkspur, CA 94977-6001.

For customers purchasing from outside of California: This transaction is not covered by the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund.


All rates are quoted in U.S. Dollars unless otherwise noted. Rates are subject to change at any time, without notice. HanaTour USA Inc., reserves the right to make adjustments if a particular rate was incorrectly stated. HanaTour USA Inc., can guarantee rates only for reservations paid in full; it is therefore recommended that full payment be made at time of booking. Airline tickets must be issued to guarantee against rate increases, fuel surcharges and to avoid cancellation of airline reservations and different currency rates. Government and supplier-imposed taxes and fees are subject to increase at any time and are not covered by HanaTour USA Inc.


Airline baggage or seat assignment fees or other ancillary fees, passport and visa fees, some departure taxes, gratuities, meals, beverages, resort fees, hotel energy surcharges, parking and valet fees, insurance, telephone calls, additional bedding charges, laundry service, and other miscellaneous charges of a personal nature are not included except where specifically noted.


HanaTour USA Inc., has no control over and assumes no liability for airline strikes, schedule changes, flight delays, flight cancellations or other airline initiated changes. In the event of such an occurrence, the airline is responsible and will determine what action will be taken.


Facilities, guest services, amenities, hotel energy surcharges, resort fees and promotional offers are provided at the discretion of the hotel/cruise line and are subject to change without notice. Any additional costs are the responsibility of the customer and are payable directly to the hotel/cruise line. Room/cabin location, connecting rooms and bedding requests are not guaranteed and are based upon availability at time of check in. Hotel/cruise ship descriptions and photos do not necessarily depict the actual room/cabin in which guests will be accommodated; maps and images may not be exact or to scale, and are for general description purposes only. Room/cabin standards are the sole responsibility of the hotel/cruise line. Hotel/cruise ship ratings are based on information provided by the hotel/cruise ship and HanaTour USA Inc., own evaluations. For hotels located in certain jurisdictions such as New York City, New York sales taxes and a New York City Hotel Room Occupancy Tax must be collected on both the rent charged by the hotel and the amount HanaTour USA, charges for its services, which we are required to collect and remit to these jurisdictions.


Each rental day consists of one 24-hour period. Overtime charges must be paid directly to the car rental company (CRC). Car rentals do not include gas, collision damage waiver, drop charges, personal accident insurance, personal effects protection, car seats, additional driver fees, upgrades or extensions of rental beyond the period included. All CRC claims must be settled directly with the CRC. NOTE: A valid driver's license and security deposit must be provided to the CRC. Minimum driver age varies by destination and type of vehicle. Underage drivers may be subject to an extra surcharge payable directly to the CRC.


Baggage checked or carried on board an aircraft, vessel or vehicle are subject to fees based on weight, number and size. All baggage fees are the responsibility of the customer and are payable directly to the supplier. Please contact the supplier for their current baggage policy. HanaTour USA Inc., is not responsible or liable for any delay, loss or damage to baggage and personal property.


Customers requiring special facilities, services or accommodations must disclose such needs to HanaTour USA Inc., at time of reservation. Wheelchair-accessible transportation and accommodations may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. Available accommodation standards vary by hotel/cruise ship and are not within the control of HanaTour USA Inc. Your foreign destination may not conform to the United States' Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, and facilities for disabled persons may be extremely limited. HanaTour USA Inc., assumes no liability for the failure for the provision of accommodations by a travel vendor.


It is up to the customer to purchase a traveler's insurance. HanaTour USA Inc. will not be responsible for it. We do provide traveler's insurance with Travelex and we can only cover traveler's residing in the State of California, State of Hawaii and State of New York. Prices may vary. For more information contact us at support@hanatour.us or visit www.travelexinsurance.com.
Insurance Company : Travelex
Location number: 05-0908
Company: HanaTour USA INC.


HanaTour USA Inc., is only responsible for reserving the items listed in the reservation details. The suppliers providing transportation, sightseeing arrangements, tours, excursions and accommodations ("Suppliers") for the vacations are independent contractors and are not agents, affiliates, representatives or employees of HanaTour USA Inc., or any of its subsidiaries, related companies, or parents ("HanaTour USA Inc., Parties"). HanaTour USA Inc., has no ownership interest in any Supplier. Any use of the HanaTour USA Inc., name by a Supplier is for identification purposes only and does not constitute ownership, agency, supervision or control by HanaTour USA Inc.,. All documentation, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Supplier. By utilizing the services of the Suppliers, you agree that neither HanaTour USA Inc., nor any of the HanaTour USA Inc., Parties shall be liable for (1) any accident, loss, injury or damage to you or to those traveling with you in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other services or resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions including, but not limited to, negligence, defects in vehicles, equipment malfunction, strikes, "Acts of God," riots, terrorist acts or threats, wars, acts of governmental authority, theft, delays, weather conditions, environmental conditions, bankruptcy, cancellations or changes in itineraries or schedules or (2) loss or damage to property or injury to persons, caused by reason of any act or omission, intentional, negligent or otherwise by such third party Suppliers. HanaTour USA Inc., makes no implied or express warranties in the offering of any vacation described in these materials. Remember that all travel documents and required personal identification, as well as compliance with agricultural regulations are your responsibility. The terms under which you agree to take a vacation cannot be changed or amended except in writing, signed by an authorized officer of HanaTour USA Inc. The customer contract in use by the airline, when issued, constitutes the sole agreement between you and the airline. HanaTour USA Inc., reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of the vacation at any time prior to departure or during the course of the vacation. In the unlikely event that the services or accommodations are not available as stated, due to reasons beyond HanaTour USA Inc., control, efforts will be made to provide services or accommodations of equal standard and quality. Refer to the travel information enclosed with travel documents for assistance once travel has commenced or contact our Customer Experience Department at HanaTour USA Inc. 3053 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite #101 Los Angeles, California, 90006, in writing within 30 days of your return regarding service issue disputes. In those cases where a refund is warranted, all unused documentation must be returned in order to process the refund.


If you have any complaint about your trip, you must make it known at the earliest opportunity to the leader and/or HanaTour USA local representative, who will normally be able to take appropriate action. If at the end of the trip you feel your complaint has not been properly dealt with you must notify us in writing within 30 days of the end of your trip.


At all times the decision of the HanaTour USA Inc., leader or representative ("HanaTour USA, Leader") will be final on all matters likely to affect the safety and well-being of the trip. This includes any decision that the HanaTour USA Leader makes about your on-going participation in the trip or certain activities that comprise part of the trip. If you fail to comply with a decision made by a HanaTour USA Leader, or interfere with the well-being of the group, then the HanaTour USA Leader reserves the right to terminate this contract and order you to leave the tour immediately, with no right of refund.


By making a reservation, customer acknowledges that in all events, HanaTour USA Inc., shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages and that the sole extent of HanaTour USA Inc., liability, if any, shall never exceed the amount actually paid by customer to HanaTour USA Inc.

California Seller Of Travel

HanaTour USA Inc., is a Registered Seller of Travel with the State of California. CST number 2083213-40. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.

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