Tour Code : AKL204

Highlights of Seoul and Bangkok with Ancient Ayutthaya 9 Days


9 Day 8 Night


Seoul, Bangkok, Ayutthaya


Seoul, South Korea's modern capital city, boasts lively, exciting scenery in the evening. Valleys of skyscrapers and the mighty Hangang River that flows through the middle of Seoul are beautiful lit up at night, and contribute to the irresistible energy of the city nightlife. The traditional architecture of the past also sheds light on the philosophy of ancient Koreans, as importance was given to the building balance and harmony with its natural surroundings. Also, join culture-rich trip and experience the beauty of Thailand. The essential sites and landmarks that make Bangkok the great historical destination it is. Step into the Grand Palace, visit the famous Wat Po as well as explore the city water ways and walk along the streets of China Town. Spend a day north of Bangkok checking out the old royal summer palace at Bang Pa In as well as Siam's old historical capital city Ayutthaya, exploring the temple and city remnants at Ayutthaya Historical Park.

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